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008 How to create content that captures and keeps the attention of your ideal client

March 11, 20244 min read
Don't make me Niche Slap you, pick a niche and lean in hard.” - Brandi Clark

There is so much confusion in the online space about how to attract clients and build a thriving business. You don't need a BIG audience to be successful, what you need is the RIGHT audience.

Today, we are going to discuss how you can start building the right audience for your business.

Content that attracts clients

Are you a personal trainer or coach who is stuck between the $1k-$3k/mo mark?

Do you find yourself spending an hour writing the perfect post and it doesn’t get ANY engagement?

You post recipes, workouts, and fitness tips yet no one is asking for your help.

You find yourself at 3:00 in the afternoon wondering what to post, so you post a booty workout or a clean recipe so you can “check off the box” for the day.


If this sounds familiar, you are in the right place today, because I’m going to teach you a better way to CONNECT with your ideal clients so they will reach out to you and make inviting people to sales calls much easier.


Essentially growing your business comes down to 3 things:

  1. Getting more people to see your stuff

  2. Selling more people your stuff

  3. Keeping more people in your business longer

If your business is struggling to get new clients we have to look at step one FIRST: are people seeing your stuff and are they engaging with it?

Let’s break this down to make it as simple as possible to CAPTURE and KEEP the attention of “your people”

  1. Start with the end in mind

Remember WHY you are on social media in the first place.  If you own a business then you really should be on social media to attract clients into your business.  Period.

Your ultimate goal is to get more people to see your content and work their way up this ladder

enrollment ladder

Every time you post, you give people an opportunity to engage with you somehow, so they can self Identify.

This gives you the opportunity to engage further and deepen this conversation.

  1. Hit their pain points

Now, this is where I get push back, so let me just say, stop with the Niche Drama. 

In order to hit the pain points of your audience you will need to dial in on a Niche so you can speak directly to him/her.

These are both photos of moms, do you think they’re going to respond to the same content?  THIS is why we niche!

pick a niche

What problems do you solve?

Do you work with professional moms with toddlers at home to lose weight?

Do you help aspiring fitness models to book their first paid gig?

Do you help women in post menopause to gain muscle and shrink their waistline?

Pick ONE and speak to their SPECIFIC pain points so you can stand out online and capture their attention.

In my world, it looks like this: I help fitness professionals start and grow their online business even when they are brand new, don't know where to start or have a large following.

  1. Speak to your SOLUTION

Now it’s time to figure out HOW you help them.

If you could talk to your ideal client and just give them ONE TIP to be successful, what would that be?

Now do this two more times to come up with your list of 3 “pillars” you use to support your solution.

Now you get to create content, day after day, that talks about your client’s specific pain points and how your solution helps to solve those problems.  

Think of 3 reasons your clients aren't able to do those 3 things you’ve listed above (your pillars).

personal trainers content creation, fitness business, personal training business

If you still need help in getting ideas of what to post, you can download my 90 Days of Social Media Content for the Fitness Professional to give you a kickstart

  1. Format your posts so they are easy to read and engage with

In order to capture your audience you must:

-immediately grab their attention with a callout specifically for your ideal client (i.e. “hey new mama…”)

-keep their eyes moving down the post using lots of white space and emojis

-relate on a personal level to their pain points by sympathizing, relating to and understanding her; use her words and phrases (i.e. “tone up”)

-don't bore them with long paragraphs

-offer a solution or tips

-CTA (give them a call to action, i.e. like this post, drop a GIF, etc)

*keep in mind, people don't read, they scan.

fitness business online personal training businessonline personal training, content creation for personal trainers

If you follow these steps your followers will reveal themselves to you.

Now go out there and create some kick ass content

Don't forget to grab your 90 days of social media content ideas: https://www.standoutfitpro.com/90-days-of-content

And when your ready, here’s how I can help you further:

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