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Episode 7: 4 Essential Steps To Stand-Out And Make Money As A Fitness Professional Online

March 04, 20243 min read
Consistency will beat talent every time.” - Brandi Clark

80% of fitness professionals will leave the industry within their first 2 years because they aren’t making enough money.

Today I want to help you to stay OUT of that statistic and learn the essential steps you need to make a consistent income and thrive as a fitness professional; because the world needs you.

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How to Build a Profitable Fitness Business: 4 Steps to Success

Are you tired of seeing new fitness professionals drop out of the industry within the first two years? Are you struggling to make enough money to sustain your passion for fitness? If so, you're not alone. In this blog post, we're going to discuss four tactical steps to help you stand out and make money as a fitness professional so that you can thrive in this industry for years to come.

Step 1: Be Consistent

Consistency is key to success in any business, especially in the competitive world of fitness. Whether you're posting on social media, offering lead magnets, or hosting conversion events, consistency is essential. Choose one platform to focus on and develop a process that allows you to consistently deliver valuable content to your audience. Remember, consistency will beat talent and skill every time.

Step 2: Have a Growth Plan

To grow your fitness business, you need a solid growth plan. This plan should outline how you will increase your visibility, attract more leads, and ultimately convert those leads into paying clients. Whether it's through daily money-making activities or strategic marketing campaigns, having a growth plan will keep your business moving forward.

Step 3: Define Your Process for Getting Results

What sets you apart from other fitness professionals? What is your unique process for helping clients achieve their goals? Define your process for getting results and use it as the foundation for your content, lead magnets, and conversion events. This will not only help you stand out in a crowded market but also attract clients who are eager to work with you.

Step 4: Implement a Follow-Up Process

The two F words that will make or break your fitness business are follow-up and follow-through. Develop a follow-up process to engage with potential clients who have shown interest in your services. Whether it's through personalized messages, email sequences, or phone calls, following up with leads is essential for converting them into paying clients.

In Conclusion

Building a successful fitness business requires more than just passion and dedication. By following these four steps—being consistent, having a growth plan, defining your process for getting results, and implementing a follow-up process—you can stand out in the industry and make money doing what you love. So, are you ready to take your fitness business to the next level? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your business thrive.

Don’t be a statistic! Each year a large percentage of good fitness professionals and coaches give up on their dreams and leave the fitness industry altogether…simply because they aren’t making enough money.  In this episode Brandi will walk you through what you need to do in order to standout as a fitness professional and coach so you can make money and proper in your business 

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