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Episode 004: 3 Different Types Of Courses You Can Sell Online And Which One Will Make You The Most Money The Quickest

February 12, 20243 min read
Low ticket offers and cheap monthly memberships are not going to build your sustainable online fitness business.” - Brandi Clark

Optimizing Your Fitness Business: A Guide to Success in Online Coaching

In this episode, I want to share with you a pivotal realization that transformed my approach to business. I found myself stuck in a cycle of constantly creating and selling mini-courses at low price points, only to find myself scrambling to repeat the process again and again. It was a draining cycle that left me questioning how to break free and truly thrive in my fitness business.

types of programs to build a business

So, let's dive into the three different types of courses or offerings you can have in your online fitness business and identify which one can make you the most money in the shortest time frame.

  • Courses:

    • Courses are pre-recorded programs that offer minimal touchpoints from you as the coach.

    • They provide clients with instant or drip access to content such as workouts, lessons, and PDFs.

    • Courses are evergreen and can be available for purchase at any time, offering a self-paced learning experience for clients.

  • Cohorts:

    • Cohorts combine the structure of courses with personalized coaching from you.

    • Clients engage in group sessions at specified dates and times, allowing for interaction with both peers and the coach.

    • Cohorts have a start and end date, offering a sense of community and accountability among participants.

  • Coaching:

    • Coaching provides the highest level of personalized attention and interaction between you and the client.

    • It involves one-on-one sessions tailored to the individual's needs and goals.

    • Coaching offers flexibility and adaptability, allowing for a more customized approach to client progress.

Now, here's the key insight: start with coaching. When you're new to the online fitness space, focusing on high-end coaching allows you to deeply understand your clients' needs and refine your methodology. Once you have a proven framework and satisfied clients, you can gradually transition to cohorts and then courses.

Avoid the common mistake of diving into low-priced courses right away. Building trust and establishing your expertise takes time, regardless of price point. By starting with coaching, you lay a solid foundation for future success in cohorts and courses.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to provide value and transform lives. Whether you're coaching one-on-one or leading a group cohort, prioritize client results and engagement. As your following grows and your expertise expands, you can leverage lower-cost courses to scale your business while maintaining profitability.

In conclusion, prioritize coaching as your initial offering, then transition to cohorts and courses as your business evolves. By following this strategic approach, you'll maximize profitability and deliver exceptional results for your clients.

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