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Episode 10: What to Do When You’re Worried What Others Will Think of You: 4 Steps to Conquering the Fear

March 27, 20243 min read
HIM: “Brandi, who are all these people who are going to judge you?
ME: “Everyone!”
HIM: “Who is everyone?!  Name them for me”
ME: “...”
ME (after a really long pause): “...Well, I guess it’s only Amber and Jamie”

No matter how confident you think someone is, the reality is that most of use are walking around, secretly fearing what others are thinking about us. It's just human nature.

This episode will dive into this issue and I'll give you 4 steps to ditching the fear and stepping into your light

social media stragegy

Navigating the world of fitness business marketing can be daunting, especially when the fear of judgment creeps in. As a fitness professional turned business mentor, I have faced and conquered this fear, and I want to share valuable insights with you on how to overcome it in the realm of social media marketing and building a successful fitness business.

### Defying Fear Through Naming

One of the first steps in conquering the fear of judgment in online fitness coaching and social media marketing is to identify the sources of this fear. By naming the individuals or groups we fear judgment from, we strip away the power of their opinions and pave the way for confident action.

### Visibility Dynamics in Online Fitness Coaching

Understanding visibility dynamics is crucial in the online fitness coaching world. Algorithms dictate who sees our content, meaning that those we fear judgment from may not even come across our posts unless they actively engage. By focusing on creating valuable content for our engaged audience, we can shift our mindset towards growth and impact.

### Challenging Negative Assumptions in Fitness Business Marketing

Questioning negative assumptions is key to building a successful fitness business amidst the noise of social media. We tend to assume the worst about how others perceive us, but by challenging these assumptions, we can uncover a more positive reality. This shift in perspective can unleash new opportunities for growth and connection.

### Channeling Inner Wisdom for Success

In the realm of fitness business marketing, wisdom plays a vital role in navigating challenges. Reflecting on the wise words of mentors or loved ones can provide clarity and assurance. Remember, you are the hero of your fitness business journey, and focusing on your path rather than the perceived judgments of others can propel you towards success.

### Embracing Confidence in Building Your Fitness Business

As you embark on the journey of building a fitness business and engaging in social media marketing, let confidence be your guiding light. By implementing the strategies outlined above and embracing your unique story, you can cultivate a strong online presence and connect with clients who resonate with your message. Your online fitness coaching business has the potential to impact lives and create a thriving community.

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